PowerGadgets: Professional IT monitoring for under $100.

PowerGadgets: Professional IT monitoring for under $100.

PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp Pricing

PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp is licensed in three different tiers, depending on the number of named users (not concurrent users). Additionally, it is licensed per server, meaning that if the product is installed on multiple servers, a license must be provided for each server. Each tier includes a number of server licenses, and additional server licenses may be acquired separately, regardless of the tier.

Product SKU Price
PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp Small Business (up to 50 named users)


• Installation on 2 separate servers in the same farm
• Up to 50 named mobile users

PGX20SB $2999
PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp Medium Business (up to 200 named users)


• Installation on 4 separate servers in the same farm
• Up to 200 named mobile users

PGX20MB $4999
PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp Enterprise (200+ named users)

For price and number of server licenses included please call or contact sales@softwarefx.com for a quote based on your specific needs.

PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp Additional Server License

Additional server licenses may be added to any of the tiers mentioned above.

PGX20AP $1599


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PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp Resources

  • Deployment Guide

    PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp Deployment Guide

    Download this guide for a quick explanation of how the PowerGadgets technology works and an overview of the deployment process for your gadgets.

PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp Quick Start Guide

Getting Started with PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp

This quick start guide PDF will get you up and running in no time with PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp.

Citrix Technology Professionals

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If you're a Citrix Technology Professional, let us know and we may provide you with a FREE 1 year subscription for PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp as well as reduced licensing fees on multiple licenses.
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