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Studio FX License Agreement

For details on how Studio FX Subscriptions are licensed, please refer to the Studio FX Software Subscription Agreement

What's Included with Studio FX?

The Studio FX Premium Subscription includes all the latest development versions, upgrades, updates and service packs of the following products for Visual Studio/WPF, Java, COM & SharePoint platforms:

Visual Studio/WPF Products

Java Products

COM Products

SharePoint Products

PowerShell Products



What is Studio FX?

The Studio FX Subscription offers unprecedented access to our entire line of data visualization products for developers, including .NET, Java, COM, SharePoint and Mobility for one low price. Licensed on a per developer/per machine basis, the Studio FX Subscription provides the most advanced business intelligence components for your client server and web based applications.

For only $1,299, the Studio FX Premium Subscription offers unprecedented access to our entire line of data visualization products for a multitude of platforms, including .NET, Java, COM, SharePoint and Mobile. It also includes upgrades and service packs for your existing products. In addition, it offers access for one year to our Priority Support.

As a special introductory promotion, some previous Software FX customers can upgrade to a Studio FX Premium Subscription for the low price of $999. To learn more about your eligibility for a Studio FX Upgrade, please contact us at

  • $1299

    Studio FX Premium Subscription

    • Access to our entire product line for .NET, COM and Java for development purposes
    • Deployment rights for Desktop products, including Windows Forms, WPF, COM and Java
    • Service Packs and Product Patches included
    • Free Upgrades to new product versions during your subscription period
    • Priority Support via or phone included
    • Access to New Products for SharePoint and Mobility
    • License Management and Compliance
  • $999

    Studio FX Premium Subscription

    • Available to existing Software FX customers and Studio FX Subscribers only
    • Same benefits as Studio FX Premium Subscription
  • $699

    Studio FX Support Subscription

    (Support Only)
    • Service Packs and Latest updates for the same version only (no upgrades)
    • Priority Support via or phone included
    • License Management and Compliance
    • Free Migration for existing support account holders

Studio FX Premium Features

  • Anytime access to all available installers.

    With your Studio FX Premium subscription, you'll gain access to our Download Center, where you can download all available installers for our award-winning data visualization products for Visual Studio/WPF, Java, COM, SharePoint and Mobile.

    You'll gain access to the latest versions of these installers, as well as the previous versions of some of the products that allow for compatibility with legacy versions of your favorite IDEs.

  • Free Upgrades, Service Packs & Product Patches.

    In addition to product installers, the Download Center in the Studio FX portal also gives you access to the latest product patches, service packs and upgrades to all products included with your subscription.

    You will get notified when one of your previously installed products has a new service pack is available. At this point, you may choose to update your installed products through the use of an ActiveX (Internet Explorer only) or download the service pack installer to update your product at a later time.

  • Priority Support & Incident Tracking.

    The Studio FX Premium Subscription also includes access to the Support Center, where you will be able to receive personalize technical assistance for all your products.

    You will be able to submit a new Support Inquiry via the Support Center, as well as gain access to the Support Incidents History for all your products.

    The Studio FX Premium Subscription also includes access to personalized phone support, so you can get in touch with our support staff and address any questions you may have immediately.

  • License Management & Compliance.

    We understand the difficulties of auditing your company's use and installations of purchased products. With Studio FX, you gain access to a License Management and Compliance Center to help you address these issues.

    You can track each individual serial number's installation record and compliance status to know exactly which machines have installed each product, and keep track of available installations.

    If you encounter any compliance issues, we offer tips and helpful recommendations on how to address the problem and get your serials in compliance.

  • Key details about Studio FX

    Studio FX Premium is a yearly subscription that provides access to our entire product line for development purposes, in case of Windows Forms and other client server products such as Chart FX for Java Desktop, royalty free redistribution and deployment is also allowed, so no additional products must be procured (as it is the case if you are developing web based applications which require production server licenses of the Studio FX products you are using).

    While the Studio FX Premium Subscription is active, you will be able to generate keys, download and install any of the products contained in the subscription. In addition, you will be able to download updates, service packs, upgrade to new products and open support tickets for resolution with our support staff.

    If you let the subscription expire, the products you have downloaded and installed will continue to operate (you will see an expiration warning) and the applications you have deployed will not be affected by the expiration of the subscription. This means you can continue to develop and maintain applications with the specific version you have installed but you will not be able to update or upgrade to any other future version.


    Please note there are specific products in the Studio FX Premium Subscription that will cease functioning once the subscription expires. These are mainly related to the PowerGadgets line of products which will require an always active subscription to keep functioning appropriately.

    Please note there is a discounted price you will receive by renewing your subscription on time, but if you let it expire you can always renew it at regular prices.

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