PowerGadgets: Powerful Monitoring tool for IT Administrators who don't write code.

PowerGadgets: Powerful Monitoring tool for IT Administrators who don't write code.

Deploy to the Vista Sidebar

Your gadget will look aesthetically pleasing even when it's displayed in the reduced screen space provided by Windows Vista Sidebar.

Deploy to Your Desktop

Gadgets float freely on your desktop and are completely resizable and scalable to take advantage of your available desktop real estate.

Easily Connect to Data

The PowerGadgets graphical data wizard makes it easy to connect to a variety of data sources including SQL, Access, OleDb, ODBC and web services.

WYSIWYG Gadget Creation

Creating gadgets is simple and intuitive with the PowerGadgets Creator. Every customizable element of your gadget is never more than a few clicks away.

Power Up PowerShell

Simply "pipe" any of the PowerGadgets cmdlets to your Windows PowerShell script to quickly display enterprise information in a custom gadgets.

Easily Redistributable

Simply email or copy a single .pgf file to the host computer. No additional browsers, applications, complex deployment or installation procedures are needed.

PowerGadgets Screenshot

PowerGadgets puts powerful IT monitoring on your desktop and in your Vista Sidebar. IT professionals can now create gadgets that consume data from WMI, Exchange, SQL and even the Windows Registry. And PowerGadgets doesn't require any development environments, servers or browsers to run real-time gadget components such as charts, gauges and maps.

In addition, PowerGadgets is visually and programmatically rich - scaling from vector-based graphics and managed .NET code - making it the perfect enterprise tool to report and monitor data. You can even use PowerGadgets to retrieve information from other Microsoft applications that are built on top of PowerShell such as Exchange Server, MOM and Virtual Machine Manager.

A Proud PowerShell Partner Product

PowerShell Partner Product

PowerGadgets is proud to be one of Windows PowerShell's partner products. PowerGadgets leverages Windows PowerShell to allow IT professionals to monitor their entire technical infrastructure easily and for a low price.

Heralded by the PowerShell Community

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Since its introduction in 2007, PowerGadgets has enjoyed strong support from the PowerShell community. Bloggers, new media and industry insiders continue to recognize PowerGadgets' unique capabilities and benefits.

Community Icon It's latest recognition comes from the 19th Jolt Product Excellence Awards, where PowerGadgets was chosen as finalist in the utilities category.

No Development Environment Required

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PowerGadgets provides its own graphical design surface called the PowerGadgets Creator. This tool puts all of your gadget's properties at your fingertips to allow you to quickly design and build complex gadgets.

Serving Multiple Roles in the Organization

  • PowerGadgets for IT Professionals

    PowerGadgets for IT Professionals

    IT Professionals can leverage Windows Powershell skills to monitor IT infrastucture more effectively. Simply pipe in data sources like WMI, system information and the Windows Registry to produce real-time charts, gauges and maps.

  • PowerGadgets for DB Professionals

    PowerGadgets for DB Professionals

    As a DB professional you can't always wait for developers to produce applications that keep key decision makers informed. Your database query is all you need to monitor enterprise data in real-time using charts, gauges and maps.

  • PowerGadgets for Developers

    PowerGadgets for Developers

    Developers can easily complement their client-server and web-based applications with powerful data visualization components with no additional coding, compiling, servers or complex development environments involved.


PowerGadgets goes Mobile

PowerGadgets Mobile

Mobilize your dashboards with PowerGadgets Mobile!

PowerGadgets Mobile is the easiest and most powerful business intelligence solution for authoring and deploying real-time dashboards on your mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets. Learn more.

Case Studies

PowerGadgets Tutorial Zone

  • Windows Vista

    Windows Vista/PowerGadgets Tutorials

    View video tutorials that show the power of real-time monitoring on your Windows Vista desktop and Sidebar.

  • Windows PowerShell

    Windows PowerShell/PowerGadgets Tutorials

    View video tutorials that show how to create PowerGadgets by piping cmdlets via Windows PowerShell.

PowerGadgets Quick Start Guide

Getting Started with PowerGadgets

This quick start guide PDF will get you up and running in no time with PowerGadgets.

Independent Software Vendors

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If you would like to add PowerGadgets technology to your application, let us know and we may provide you with a FREE NFR copy of PowerGadgets as well as reduced licensing fees on multiple licenses.


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