White Papers

White PaperExecutive Dashboards (508 Kb PDF file)
"As more organizations are storing their business information via web services, Executive Dashboards are becoming a popular way for C-Level executives to manage information and programs across an enterprise. With its ability to instantly report data from a variety of sources, allow formatting based on business rules, and provide interactive functions Executive Dashboards are quickly becoming the an important tool for executives to obtain information and metrics on their organization."

White PaperTop 10 Misconceptions about Component Development
"Components and software reuse are crucial for developers and architects. While most developers understand the value components bring to the table and use them effectively, very few know how to recognize reliable suppliers that will survive the test of time. With over 20 years of experience as a leading component vendor, Rene Garcia, co-founder and president of Software FX,Inc., provides a vendor agnostic analysis of misconceptions around components and software reuse in enterprise application development."

White PaperAttention IT Professionals! Don't turn off Windows Sidebar just yet! (867 Kb PDF file)
"If you are considering disabling Windows Sidebar, read how you can take advantage of this wonderful platform to benefit your business and give users access to visualize data in innovative and powerful ways, yet with minimal development efforts."

White PaperChart FX Shines for Silverlight Today (500 Kb PDF file)
"With this approach, the Chart FX 7 ASP.NET server controls enable you to harness the power of servers and leverage your existent ASP.NET infrastructure while providing your users with a Silverlight experience beyond what can be done with AJAX and DHTML alone."

White PaperChart FX for Java Performance (172 Kb PDF file)
"In this document, you will learn that the Chart FX server performance will depend, to a great extent, on the chart format generation and the chart return mechanisms that you choose in your Java code. However, when generating chart images on the server you should pay close attention to some visual attributes, chart size and format as major performance factors when the server is under a heavy load."

White PaperBreaking the Language Barrier (482 Kb PDF file)
"The release of the .NET platform posed an exciting challenge to us here at Software FX, in order to maintain our position as industry leader, we could not simply distribute our product in a .NET wrapper; we had to totally rewrite it in C# to take advantage of the platform’s new features and improvements."

White PaperPublisher Partner Q&A
"Some developers are expressing concerns about using third party components in their mission-critical applications; they feel vendors will go belly-up because of market conditions. Do you agree?"

White PaperThe Truth About Client Controls (720 Kb PDF file)
"This document takes an in depth look at client controls, the myths that surround them, and the advantages ActiveX and similar client controls bring to Internet charting. It highlights the enhanced functionality of client controls in areas like server performance & scalability and client interactivity, as well as the reasons why client components are the best solution for mission-critical intranet business applications."

White PaperPerformance & Scalability Test (2.3 Mb PDF file)
"Today, most developers look for a variety of innovative tools and techniques to make web application development faster and easier. While it is true that these tools have shortened the development cycle and allowed quicker deployment of web applications; in the end, this new development paradigm has revealed a whole new dilemma: server scalability and performance."

White PaperA Component's Road to .NET (799 Kb PDF file)
"Now that Microsoft has released Visual Studio .NET, many of you have started to take a closer look at .NET and the benefits it brings to the development process. I was given the task to write about .NET and its impact on components; more specifically on Software FX’s leading charting solution, Chart FX."

White PaperCEO's Corner
"Chart FX for .NET is finally here, and if you’re into .NET development, we strongly encourage you to experience the powerful and unique features this product has to offer. We talked to Rene Garcia, President of Software FX, about the new Chart FX for .NET and its relevance to the Chart FX family of products."

White PaperCase Study - Software FX gets a taste of its own medicine (1.4 Mb PDF file)
"Most developers agree that the one thing you can count on with code is that it will change. When changes happen, most of us don’t have the luxury to go through each piece of code. Although components aren’t an absolute requirement for development, they can save you significant time when making code changes."

Award Winning Technology

SD Times 100 Award

SD Times 100

For the fifth consecutive year, Software FX's leadership and innovation have been recognized.

Visual Studio Magazine's Reader's Choice Award

Reader's Choice Award

For the fifth consecutive year Chart FX receives Visual Studio Magazine's prestigious Reader's Choice Award in Charting & Multimedia.

Visual Studio Magazine's Reader's Choice Award

Reader's Choice Merit Award

Chart FX receives Visual Studio Magazine's prestigious 2007 Reader's Choice Merit Award in Mobility Tools and Frameworks.

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