PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp: Mobilize your Dashboards!

PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp: Mobilize your Dashboards!

PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp Features

PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp server component acts as the presenter for the dashboards and gadgets you've created, so that they can be served to all your mobile clients.

PowerGadgets Wizard

Native Dashboards for all your Mobile Devices with Adaptive Run-time

PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp powerful Adaptive Run-time Technology feature allows the dashboard to render and behave differently on each device in order to maximize usability and integration with each device. This means that your dashboard will behave and look like a native application in each mobile device.

Citrix Ready

PowerShell Partner Product

PowerGadgets Mobile leverages Citrix XenApp Server and Citrix Receivers for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile to let you easily create, customize and access enterprise-grade dashboards. By
taking advantage of Citrix Receiver for Mobile Devices, PowerGadgets makes these business intelligence tools available to all supported phones without much effort on the user's side.

Innovative Functionality

Powerful Real-Time Engine

Powerful Real-Time Engine

PowerGadgets provides real-time serialization and execution of the entire command so you can monitor real-time data from your mobile device using a combination of visually-rich charts, gauges and maps.

Easy Deployment

Easy Distribution and Deployment

Deploying your dashboards is quick and easy with PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp. Just follow the simple steps outlined in the PowerGadgets Deployment Guide and in just minutes your dashboards will be available to all your mobile device clients. Download the Deployment Guide for further details.

Four Platforms, Over 60 Supported Devices
Easy Distribution and Deployment

PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp supports Apple, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Droid platforms. With over 60 skins for different devices included in the PowerGadgets Creator, you can see exactly how your dashboard will behave in virtually any device



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PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp Resources

  • Deployment Guide

    PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp Deployment Guide

    Download this guide for a quick explanation of how the PowerGadgets technology works and an overview of the deployment process for your gadgets.

PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp Quick Start Guide

Getting Started with PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp

This quick start guide PDF will get you up and running in no time with PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp.

Citrix Technology Professionals

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If you're a Citrix Technology Professional, let us know and we may provide you with a FREE 1 year subscription for PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp as well as reduced licensing fees on multiple licenses.
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