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Chart FX for WPF

Styling/XAML Support

Producing eye-catching charts and layouts is especially important to captivate users and draw them in to explore the data within an application. For the first time ever, both developers and designers will be able to fully "style" chart elements and tightly couple Chart FX for WPF to their application and user interface guidelines.


Chart FX for WPF exploits the openness of XAML, a descriptive markup language for describing managed objects. In practical terms, XAML enables other development roles, such as graphics designers and usability experts to contribute to the application development process. For example, a designer opens and edits a Visual Studio project in Microsoft's Expression Blend to gain access to drawings and animations without its associated confusing code and callbacks. On the other hand, a developer need not be concerned with how these drawings or animations work or how they were constructed.

Also, Chart FX exploits the WPF layout engine to allow chart elements to flow naturally in the chart area; no chart element is absolutely positioned, allowing for more flexible and intelligent resizing within the application.

Although XAML is used throughout Chart FX for WPF, you don't need specific XAML knowledge to use Chart FX for WPF or to customize the Chart FX presentation or UI layer. Much of this functionality has already been integrated or will be integrated into the product. Nevertheless, XAML is going to become a factor that should at least be familiar when developing WPF applications.

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New Version 8.1 Released

New Chart FX for WPF version 8.1 released. Now available as part of the Studio FX Premium Subscription. Learn more about this release.

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Silverlight Products

Chart FX Silverlight Add-on

The Chart FX Silverlight Add-On extends Chart FX 7 and allows developers to add Chart FX functionality to their Silverlight web applications.

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Chart FX for WPF Demo Application

WPF Sample Application

Interact with the Chart FX for WPF Demo Application used in Tim Huckaby's presentation at TechEd 2008.

Note: .NET 3.0 is required to run this sample.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Download

Download the latest .NET Framework which supports WPF development.

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