Chart FX for Reporting Services: Unleash the potential of your SQL Reports with the industry's most advanced and respected charting technology.

Chart FX: Industry-leading data visualization components for the .NET platform



Chart FX for Reporting Services design-time components are licensed on a per-developer basis. The license agreement permits you to use one (1) copy of these components on a single computer. If you need to install design-time components in more than one computer, you need to obtain an additional designer license per each computer.


Chart FX for Reporting Services server components are licensed on a per-server basis for deployment, regardless the number of processors (CPU's) in that server. The basic package includes one (1) License for deployment on a Production Server. For more information, please read the Chart FX for Reporting Services License Agreement.

Chart FX Outperforms Native SQL Charts


Chart FX's rich collection of powerful features visualize data in a much more effective and elegant manner than SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services' basic, built-in charting capabilities. Compare the features of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services native charting with Chart FX for Reporting Services to see for yourself.

Compare Chart FX to Native SQL Server Charting


Chart FX Virtual Trial - Run a virtual simulation of Chart FX without installing a trial version.

Chart FX Gallery - View chart images created with the powerful Chart FX data visualization engine.

Award Winning Charting Technology

Visual Studio Magazine's Reader's Choice Award Reader's Choice Award
Chart FX received its sixth consecutive Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Award while Grid FX picked up its first.

SD Times 100 Award SD Times 100
For the sixth consecutive year, Software FX's leadership and innovation have been recognized.

Riding the Crest Award Riding the Crest
For the seventh consecutive year, Chart FX wins Programmer's Paradise' Riding the Crest award.

ComponentSource Bestselling Product Awards 2007 Bestselling Products and Publisher Awards

Software FX and Chart FX products win a total of 6 Bestselling Product/Publisher Awards in 2007 from ComponentSource.

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