Chart FX 6.2 Features  
Chart FX Features Overview

Easy to Code & Integrate

  • Designer
  • Wizard
  • Tutorials & Samples Center

Enhanced User Interface

  • Menus & Dialog Boxes
  • Multiple Export Formats
  • Chart Save/Recall
  • Toolbar

Internet Capabilities

  • Bit Stream Directory to Browser
  • Auto Browser Detection
  • Drill-Down Capabilities
  • Server Component

Visual Attributes

  • Multiple Gallery Types
  • Grid Lines
  • Borders
  • 2D/3D
  • Color Palettes
  • Constant Lines & Stripes
  • Point Labels
  • Background Images
  • Legends
  • Gradients
  • Multiple Axes
  • Multiple Panes
  • Titles
  • Antialiasing/Smoothing

Data Analysis

  • Highlighting
  • Per-Marker Attributes
  • Conditional Attributes
  • Axis Sections

Chart Population

  • API
  • DataBinding to a ResultSet
  • Flexible Data Sources

Comprehensive Support

  • Comprehensive Support Site
  • Active Community
  • Direct Email & Phone Support
Chart FX 6.2 Features
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Chart FX 6.2 Features

Easy to Code & Integrate
Chart FX provides developers advanced charting features with minimal integration effort. Helpful tools like the Chart Wizard, Tutorial and Samples Resource and a Programmer's Guide will assist you in creating visually impressive data visualization solutions with little time invested.

Enhanced User Interface
Chart FX provides end-user chart customization through intuitive menus, dialogs and toolbars. Through its enhanced interface, users can export the charts to a variety of formats, as well as store changes to a particular chart for future sessions, maximizing the usability and readability of your application’s charts at the end-user level.
Internet Capabilities
Developers can easily maximize their web applications potentials with Chart FX’ s many internet enabled features. Among these features, the ability to bit-stream directly to a browser, a Web Forms enabled component, auto browser detection and response, server component, and drill-down capabilities.
Visual Attributes
With over 20 different chart types, customizable legends, ready-to-use color palettes, multiple and customizable axes, per-marker attributes, gridlines, background images and border objects, Chart FX allows you to create some of the most visually appealing charts in just minutes.
Data Analysis
Chart FX places an impressive array of data analysis tools at your disposal. Chart FX provides tools such as OLAP, highlighting, statistical analysis, axis sections, conditional attributes and more.
Chart Population
Chart FX supports a vast variety of data population methods, including, passing data directly through the API, Resultset Binding, XML Files, Collections, Arrays, Arrays of Arrays, Text Files and Crosstab.
Comprehensive Support
As always, Software FX is committed to providing the best possible support for all our products. With an extensive knowledge base, online articles, personalized support, community and more, you will find all the assistance you need to quickly integrate Chart FX into your application.
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