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Number of Properties Available 44 44 44 303 315

Why Upgrade to Chart FX for .NET? Here are the main reasons why...

In addition to the standard borders (flat, raised, sunken, etc.), Chart FX for .NET has added artistic borders, including embossed, embedded, riveted and more, for even more dynamic charts. If your chart is a work of art, it should be in a frame.
  Data Editor

Easily customize the Chart FX for .NET Data Editor to fit with the style of your charts. The new Data Editor was improved to not only be functional, but fashionable.
  Color Palettes

Does it take you 20 minutes to decide which color socks to wear with blue pants? Chart FX for .NET provides predefined color palettes that will help you create amazing charts in no time.
  Easy to Use & Integrate

Creating amazing looking charts just got a lot easier with Chart FX for .NET. From the magic of the new Wizard to the life-saving Interactive Tutorials and Samples in the Resource Center-just think of it as charting on auto-pilot!

Chart FX for .NET has the ability to add gradients to virtually any element of the chart, further enhancing the visual appeal or even readability of your charts. So, be ready to graduate to Chart FX for .NET.

Chart FX for .NET now adds anti-aliasing, continuing to enhance the look and readability of your chart's text and markers. Chart FX for .NET charts--now with smooth edges, no ironing necessary.

With Chart FX for .NET, virtually any object can have a level of transparency that will allow the background to show through. Use gradients or images as backgrounds, or add a watermark look to your chart in seconds. The Chart FX for .NET advantages are crystal clear.
  Per Marker Attributes

Choices is the name of the game and Chart FX for .NET gives you a lot of them. You can treat each chart marker individually and give specific attributes to each marker separately. Chart FX for .NET, the obvious best choice.
  Zooming & Scrolling

The Chart FX for .NET scrolling feature visually improves the way integrated scroll bars appear with a chart, it also allows independent scrolling of an X or Y-axis, or even a double Y-axis. Also added is the ability to magnify certain sections of your chart dependent on your chosen bounding selection. So, take a closer look at Chart FX for .NET.
  ...Plus many more features

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