Grid FX: Empowering your Rich Internet Applications.

Innovative design-time features to help developers easily produce more robust data-driven applications.

Grid FX's design-time editing capabilities allow developers unprecedented control over the grid's properties. Now the developer can click and drag right on the design surface or access Smart Tags where most functionality is readily available in graphical way rather than a simple list of properties.



Found within Grid FX Auto Format Wizard, Motifs are a powerful and effective way to quickly apply visuals to your grid. Rather than customizing individual grid elements, Grid FX has pre-built professionally designed Motifs for virtually every major application, like Microsoft® Office, Outlook®, Sharepoint®, Windows Vista, Dynamics™ CRM plus other popular formats such as Gmail™, Yahoo® and iTunes® among others. These motifs not only change colors but also apply fonts, column and row effects and even change the characteristics of buttons and other navigation controls to match the grid's parent container or the application visuals. In addition, there are also palettes available to change virtually every grid color with a single mouse click.

Drag and Drop Editing

Drag and Drop Editing

Grid FX allows the developer to intuitively grab, drag and rearrange grid elements right on the design surface. Gone are the days of working through abstract modal dialogs for design-time customization.

Smart Tag Wizards

Smart Tag Wizards

Grid FX expands on the Visual Studio concept of Smart Tag Wizards by implementing full blown, context-sensitive wizards where most important functionality is readily available in an intuitive, graphical method.

Image Handling

Image Handling

Grid FX automatically detects binary fields and allows the you to decide whether the field is an image. For images references as a URL string, Grid FX gives you the option of using the full image URL or a partial string prefix/suffix.

Interactive Samples and Demos

Grid FX Online Demo

Award Winning Technology

Visual Studio Magazine's Reader's Choice Award

Reader's Choice Award

Grid FX received its first Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Award in the Grid Components category.

Grid FX Resources

Grid FX Sample

Enabling your Web 2.0 Enterprise. (PDF)

"The end user experience is pivotal in a successful Web 2.0 application. We began Grid FX by listing out everything we found odd in grids from a usability perspective. For us, AJAX was the starting point, not the end."

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