Mobile enterprise tool to report and monitor data with real-time dashboards.

PowerGadgets Mobile is the easiest and most powerful business intelligence solution for authoring and deploying real-time dashboards on your mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets.

Present your Business Intelligence data in multiple devices using dashboards with PowerGadgets Mobile


Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices

PowerGadgets Mobile features native clients for each major mobile platform including iPhone,
iPad, Android and Windows offering a seamless user experience and a powerful way to serve the many mobile platforms available in the market today while maintaining a single authoring environment. This means, one serves all!

Create and edit dashboards in minutes without code

With PowerGadgets Mobile there is no development environment or coding involved
making it the perfect solution for technology professionals, including IT and DB Administrators, who don’t write code.


WYSIWYG PowerGadgets Creator

Creating gadgets is simple and intuitive with the PowerGadgets Creator. Every customizable element of your gadget is never more than a few clicks away giving you absolute control for the look and feel of your Dashboard’s UI.

Easily Connect to Data

The PowerGadgets graphical data wizard makes it easy to connect to a variety of data sources including SQL, Access, OleDb, ODBC and Web Services.

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Part of the Studio FX Premium Subscription.

The Studio FX Subscription offers unprecedented access to our entire line of data visualization products for developers, including .NET, Java, COM, SharePoint and Mobility for one low price.