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Chart FX for WPF makes the application experience more enjoyable and intuitive to the user and our WPF-related smarts, visuals and user interface innovations will unleash new ways of exploring and analyzing enterprise data.

What’s new on Chart FX 8 for WPF?

Besides bugs fixes and performance increases from the previous version, Chart FX for WPF 8.1 also introduces a series of new features. From a handful of different galleries and more customization on existing properties to a new real-time feature and Statistical extension, as detailed below:

Statistical Extension

Adding statistical analysis capabilities to your charting applications.
This extension comes with a full API that handle mathematical operations and algorithms to realize information including Standard Deviation, Variance, Regression Line, Normal Distribution and F-Test to name a few.


Real Time Data

Binding data to observable collections has always been possible with Chart FX for WPF.
Using the Real Time API instead will make the chart reutilize internal components allowing it to handle a large quantity of fast data without compromising on performance. The Real Time API is great for applications handling financial data or other real world information that needs to be displayed accurately.

Density Gallery

Complementing the wide variety of galleries present on earlier versions of Chart FX for WPF, the Density Gallery allows visualization of quantity of points in a specific area. Great for use in Quality Control or tracking clicks on a website.

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