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  .NET Products Pricing Comparison

For comparison purposes, we have based ourselves in a real-life situation, in which a company has at least one developer and a production server with either 2 or 4 CPUs.

Contents Chart FX for .NET Chart FX Internet
Dual CPU Quad CPU

Internet Applications
Designer License Included Included Included
Test/Development Server License Included $759 $759
Production Server License Included $1399 $1399
Additional CPU on Production Server Unlimited $249/ea. (x1) $249/ea. (x3)
SUB TOTAL $2699 $2407 $2905

Desktop/Client Server Applications
Development License Included $759 $759
TOTAL $2699 $3166 $3664
              * All prices are based on current day pricing.

Designer License - A Design Time Component (Designer) is included in the Chart FX for .NET full version (Web Forms and ASP.NET). Design Time licenses are also included in both the Chart FX Internet (ASP) Production Server and the Test/Development Server.

Additional CPU License - Chart FX for .NET includes unlimited CPU Licenses per server. Chart FX Internet is sold on a per server/per CPU basis, additional CPU Licenses are priced at $249 each.

Desktop Development License - The full version of Chart FX for .NET includes a Windows Forms Development License. A Chart FX for .NET (Windows Forms Only) version is also available for $899. In COM, Desktop or Client Server development requires the purchase of Chart FX Client Server for $599. In both .NET and COM, the component is royalty-free for redistribution.

Test/Development Server License - Visual Studio .NET requires that a developer run IIS, therefore a Test/Development Server License became a requirement and is now included in Chart FX for .NET. In COM, a Test/Development Server License would be purchased in order to prevent the need to bring down a Production Server to make changes or updates.

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