Grid FX: Empowering your Rich Internet Applications.

Grid FX Features

Everything you'd expect from an enterprise-quality grid component is present in Grid FX. From AJAX to WYSIWYG editing, we went the great lengths to provide the most robust and feature-rich data visualization component on the market.

Design-Time Experience

  • Drag and Drop Editing

    Drag and Drop Editing

    Move, split and stack columns by drag and drop within the Layout Editor on the Visual Studio 2005/2008 design surface.

  • Smart Tag Wizards

    Smart Tag Wizards

    Take advantage of full blown context sensitive wizards where most of the functionality is readily available in a graphical way rather than a simple list of properties.

  • In-Place Template Editing

    In-Place Template Editing

    Format the display of content through the WYSIWYG template layout of a given area without hiding the grid from view.

  • Enhanced Property Grid

    Enhanced Property Grid

    Selecting an item or area of the grid highlights the relevant section of the Property Grid and vice-versa.

  • Integration with Visual Studio 2005/2008

    Integration with Visual Studio 2005/2008

    Grid FX takes advantage of the Visual Studio 2005/2008 extensibility model to offer a design-time experience that significantly decreases development time and the learning curve over traditional grid controls.

End-User Experience

  • FloatingBar


    The FloatingBar provides end-users with per item features such as data copying, grouping, sorting & filtering, hide or show columns, plus font selection, size, style & color.

  • Toolbar


    The Toolbar provides options for the grid as a whole such as palette selection, adding a new item or data, on/off of highlighting or copying the data.

  • Data Copy

    Data Copy

    End-users may copy data from the entire grid, a specific item or column through the Toolbar and FloatingBar.

AJAX Data Organization

  • Grouping


    Combine items by unique, distinct and/or ranges of values - whether dates (including Outlook-style), numeric or alphabetical.

  • Sorting


    End users can order data in columns or in a hierarchical order of columns by ascending or descending alphabetical or numerical values.

  • Filtering


    From the FloatingBar, conveniently find additional, relevant data to a specific item.

  • Paging


    Grid FX provides linear pagination of data with first, last, next, previous or specific page navigation.

  • Data Editing

    Data Editing

    End users may insert, update or delete data within the grid through an in-place edit bar or a floating, modal record form - full security and validation supported. Initiated via the Toolbar (insert) or the FloatingBar (update and delete) or simply double-click (update) on an item and executed smoothly via AJAX.

Integrated Chart FX Technology

Grid FX includes Chart FX capabilities right in-the-box, offering immediate charts, digital panels and gauges. You can add these graphical elements in and around every area of the grid. These elements can feed off of the grid's data or a completely separate data source in your Visual Studio project. In addition, these elements respond to contextual information such as clicks, drilldowns and master-detail. When it comes to visuals, the Chart FX objects are automatically configured based on grid settings which translates to faster integration and less effort synchronizing charts and other graphical elements with the grid's visuals.

  • Charts

  • Gauges

  • Digital Panels

    Digital Panels
  • Enterprise-Quality Components

    For 14 years, Chart FX products have been designed for ease-of-use, innovative features, strong performance and a satisfying end-user experience.

Elegant Aesthetics

  • Palettes


    Artistically designed color schemes for the grid's backgrounds, icons, borders and fonts.

  • Motifs


    Combinations of aesthetically matched custom icons, pagers, font sizes and styles, and borders for your grid.

  • Image Borders

    Image Borders

    Grid FX provides dynamic area borders to highlight your data presentation.

  • Smooth Menu Transitions

    Smooth Menu Transitions

    Fades and transitions were implemented for a more enjoyable experience with the grid and its features.

  • Title Bar

    Title Bar

    The Title Bar can explain the grids content and complements the motifs and palettes including font style and size. Add a relevant icon from those included or upload you own image or logo.

Innovative Functionality

  • Data Formatting

    Data Formatting

    Improving on the "format string", intuitive wizards and APIs were designed for type specific data formatting.

  • Sidebars


    A new area of content added to the edge of your grid AJAX-enabled to display either master details of a selected item or other information relevant to the entire data set.

  • Card Layout

    Card Layout

    Create and customize alternate layouts to your columnar grid including template layout editing and tiling.

  • Master Detail

    Master Detail

    Display additional information for an item through AJAX-enabled expandable areas including collapsible rows and Sidebars.

  • Multi-Cell Columns

    Multi-Cell Columns

    Drag and drop in the Layout Editor for improved alignment of stacked columns.

  • AJAX Core Functionality

    AJAX Core Functionality

    AJAX is utilized in every possible facet of Grid FX to minimize server calls and redraw while creating a better experience for the end-user.

  • Image Support (Data or URL)

    Image Support (Data or URL)

    Grid FX supports the inclusion of images stored in binary format within databases or remotely with a URL pointer. The images can then be utilized in a thumbnail/full-size relationship or manipulated through other sizing parameters for a specific layout.

Interactive Samples and Demos

Grid FX Online Demo

Award Winning Technology

Visual Studio Magazine's Reader's Choice Award

Reader's Choice Award

Grid FX received its first Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Award in the Grid Components category.

Grid FX Resources

Grid FX Sample

Enabling your Web 2.0 Enterprise. (PDF)

"The end user experience is pivotal in a successful Web 2.0 application. We began Grid FX by listing out everything we found odd in grids from a usability perspective. For us, AJAX was the starting point, not the end."

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