Put Business Intelligence data onto iPad and deliver a great user experience on this wonderful device.

Compatible with all versions of iPad

Take a moment for a glimpse of the PowerGadgets Mobile Client for iPad.

Business Dashboards and Reporting on your iPad made easy!


Easy to start with!

It all starts with the PowerGadgets Mobile Creator, where users who know how to extract and set up data sources can easily create and categorize PowerGadgets files containing metrics and KPIs critical to your business. This separation of presentation and interaction from back-end services make PowerGadgets Mobile the easiest, yet most powerful, mobile BI solution aligned with the needs of any enterprise mobile workforce.

PowerGadgets provides a powerful charting engine providing over 100 chart types and a wealth of aesthetic and functional features. A chart plots data in the form of series and points with each series containing one or more points.

PowerGadgets provides an out-gauge cmdlet to display single-variable data in radial, linear and digital-panel gauges. Single-variable analysis is very powerful when combined with PowerGadgets' flexible real-time capabilities.

Create and view business dashboards on your iPad. It's simple!


To start, tap an existing dashboard to view or tap edit to start a new layout.


Select from a list of popular layouts or swipe to create dashboards with more captivating layouts. Tap on an empty slide, choose an existent PowerGadgets file online and, in just a few seconds, you'll have a fully functional business dashboard.


Drag an alignment guide and place dashboard elements exactly where you want them! Drag to reorder them - or double tap to switch places. And in case you forget, you can always get immediate help on gestures supported by the PowerGadgets Mobile for iPad. The possibilities are endless!

What's a presentation on an iPad without impressive visuals?

Every dashboard slide shares the same font, colors, border and background. Tables and charts have matching color palettes.

Select a background color... or even better a professionally designed backdrop for your dashboards.


Adaptive Screen Views

With adaptive Portrait and Landscape modes, PowerGadgets Mobile is the best data visualization solution for iPad's screen rotation capabilities.

Easy Navigation

Navigating is natural on iPad because you use your fingers. Swipe to move forward or back through your dashboard slides. Or tap to go to the next slide.

Zoom in to view more detail information or tap dashboard elements to display detailed information.


Absolute Dashboard Control

Tap to change dashboard parameters and refresh dashboard elements instantly!

Share it with the world!

Share your dashboards with anyone, including yourself. Send dashboards via email or print them wirelessly!


One swipe and it's on with the show!

Make your business presentation an even bigger deal. Connect your iPhone to an AppleTV and your audience sees your dashboard slides on the big screen wirelessly, and you control the show with your iPhone. You can preview the next slide, zoom in or jump ahead to a new dashboard slide to focus and captivate your audience

Power Gadgets Mobile Free Quickstart Guide

This Quick Guide along with the intuitive User Interface of the new Power Gadgets Mobile will get you started in no time! You will be publishing your dashboards a lot faster than you ever even thought possible! Download and print it here.

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