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Ease of Use & Integration

Like most Chart FX products, this version provides designers with many helpful tools such as the Smart Tag & Data Wizards, Quick Start movies, Properties Reference, Tutorials, Samples and a Programmer's Guide to assist in creating visually impressive charts and gauges with minimal time invested.


Chart Wizard

When you drop a chart in your report, a Smart Tag appears in the upper right-hand corner of the control. This allows you easy access to Chart FX's main features.


Data Wizard

Connecting and configuring your chart to your data source is a snap with the Chart FX Data Wizard. Simply select your data source and follow the simple instructions and your chart will adapt to the type and content of the data you provide.


Property Grid

Users can choose to manipulate their chart using the familiar Property Grid in the Reporting Services IDE.

Comprehensive Support & Resource Center

Chart FX products are known for their high level of professional support and users have access to our comprehensive support site and a robust online community. You may also upgrade to professional, direct email and phone support.

Additionally, everything you need to know to create beautiful charts for your reports is contained in the elegant new Resource Center.


Powerful Visual Capabilities

With over 20 different chart types (including radial, horizontal, vertical, digital meter and LED panel gauges), customizable legends, ready-to-use color palettes, multiple and customizable axes, per-marker attributes, gridlines, background images and border objects, Chart FX for Reporting Services allows you to create visually appealing charts in literally minutes.


Multiple Gallery Types

20 different chart types including Lines, Curves, Bars, Horizontal Bars, Cylinders, Cones, Area, Bubble, Pie, Doughnut, Pyramid, Scatter, Open-Hi-Low-Close, Candlestick, Surface, Contour, Radar and Polar.


Multiple Panes

Chart FX for Reporting Services allows you to render multiple panes within the same chart. You can compare multiple unrelated entities which share an X axis, all on the same chart.


Color Palettes

Apply predefined color palettes to your chart for an artistic, uniform look.


Gauge Gallery Types

Extend your charting capabilities with Radial, Horizontal, Vertical, Digital Meter and LED Panel gauge types.


Grid Lines

Grid Lines are highly customizable, horizontal and vertical lines used to separate or highlight an area.



Chart FX for Reporting Services supports multiple titles for the chart and each axis. Each title can have its own font and color.


2D/3D Rendering

Most charts can be viewed in 2D or 3D and can be rotated to specific angles and perspectives.


Conditional Attributes

Highlight values based on conditions you define in the Properties Grid.


Rich Text Titles

Include Rich Text format (similar to html tags) in the titles such as Bold, Italic, etc.


Per Series Attributes

Chart FX allows you to set visual attributes such as color, gallery type and marker type per series.


Data Compacting

The Data Compacting feature will provide meaningful, summarized data when your raw data is extremely lengthy and would not normally be useful in a chart.


Point Labels

Show the value of each marker. Font, color, position and angle can be changed universally or individually for each marker.


Axis Sections

Highlight certain value ranges in individual axes with editable axis sections.


Artistic Borders

Add visual pizazz to your charts by selecting from standard (flat, raised, sunken, etc.) or artistic borders (embossed, embedded, riveted, etc).


Collision Detection

Intelligently distributes the point labels to prevent overlapping.


Multiple Axis

Chart FX for Reporting Services fully supports multiple X and Y Axes.


Background Images

Add images, such as a company logo or any other preferred image, to the background of the chart.


Data Grid

A tabular display used to view the specific data that is fed to the chart.


Logarithmic Axes

When plotting large numbers, Chart FX supports independent logarithmic scales on any of the axes (Primary, Secondary Y and X when used in a numerical sense).



Add gradients to the chart's main and/or inside background or to each series for an artistic touch.



Series and/or points legends can be shown in different positions: stacked (customizable, left, top, right, bottom, near, center, far, spread) or floating anywhere in the chart.

Smart DateTime Axis Handling

Automatically adjusts the labels for Date/Time axes to show meaningful periods of time, such as months, quarter, years, etc.


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