Software FX Endorsements


Enrique C. Madrona - Lubrizol G.B. Ltd. - M.I.S. Project Leader
In my almost 13 years of software engineering / development career I must have handled hundreds of different purpose pieces of software. I hardly recall having come across something as technically good and with such quality (including documentation) as this product of yours in its context. I do not recall either having said this to anyone before. Believe me, I am a tough customer when it comes to software development tools. I doubt that there is a better business charting tool for the developer around! Amazingly enough, even your manual can't be criticized. Please, keep me informed of your future developments. You've won me cleanly!

Bob Sutter
It is quite refreshing to get responsiveness to queries from software companies today. I must admit, your assistance has certainly kept me on the path of continued use of ChartFX and products. I still have the advantage of "dictating" software products to our development staff, but I do try to save that until needed. I am impressed that you seem to present the atmosphere of the "Borland I remember" in offering support and assistance to your customer base. You seem truly interested in offering a quality product to the development community.

Taft, Troy - PSM
I want to express my satisfaction with this product [Chart FX IE]. I recognize the excellence in workmanship that it contains. It looks like it would work for almost any web.

Edward Hariman Sherrill
I am very impressed with the diligent support and professional manner used to resolve this issue. After downloading the OCX file for Visual Basic, my application is working great. I am going to make a formal request to Senior Management to purchase your product for use company wide. Our corporation is the largest light manufacturing company in the world. It has been a pleasure working with you and I am looking forward to a great relationship in the future.

George Nease
This is really outstanding customer service. It will help ChartFX sales in my company, because word-of-mouth always includes accessibility and responsiveness of customer service. If you're not a manager, I hope you copy your manager on this...

Wallace Duval
Thank you very much for your responses to all my questions and for your quick solution to the multiple hosting problem. It is a pleasure to deal with a company who cares about its customers.

Naasif Gierdien
I'd just like to say a very big THANK YOU for support's help over the last few weeks. I've been given the task of evaluating and choosing a product to meet our application requirements. I've found chartfx to perfectly satisfy our needs and as a result of my achievements in such a short amount of time management has ordered ChartFX.

Melissa Reahm
I really appreciate the prompt responses I get from you guys. Others have left me sit for days. Thank you. It means a lot to get a response on the same day!

Laura Crorey
I have been using ChartFX for over 2 years. During that time, I have needed assistance from technical support 5 times. Four of those times I had the extreme pleasure of working with Frank. He has always been able to help me out, even when it was tedious hand-holding when I converted from Delphi 2 Professional to Delphi 3 C/S. I can always count on him to fulfill on the title of "Technical SUPPORT". If every company had at least one Frank, life would be a breeze for developers!

Sean Chatterton - AT&T Labs
I am part of the Web Platform team for AT&T, with one responsibility being recommending ActiveX and Java components. I have a demo for some potential projects on Monday, and your timely help has saved me a great deal of headaches.

Del Tippey
I recently purchased the ChartFX/ReportFX bundle after talking with your technical support. So far, my experience with your product has been nothing short of marvelous. It's well documented, creates all sorts of snappy looking charts and draws very fast. In short - I love it!

Jeff Kuzniak - Avatar Software Creations Inc. - VP Product Design
Thanks for all your help. The new DLL worked perfect. BTW: This was the second time that I have required your tech support services. I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with your tech support. On both occasions you took the necessary time to get the problems solved (Both problems were solved within 2 days!!). You also returned my calls, email etc. in a timely fashion. With other companies I have had to wait weeks just for a response to my problem!!!! I will continue to recommend your products to my contractors and customers.

Andy Flagg - Microsoft Worldwide Quality
This charting solution [Chart FX Internet] is very encouraging as the best ActiveX charting control I have ever seen (other than some pure Java implementations like NASDAQ). I really like the ActiveX approach.

Shawn Stelter - Towers Perrin
I'd like to thank you for your assistance regarding the workaround you provided. The exceptional support provided by your staff is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

David Fein - John Wiley & Sons - Publishers since 1807
Not only is Chart FX the best thing out there, but your responsiveness to my questions and problems has been unbelievable. Besides being a technically superior product, the user interface to Chart FX is superb. I hear comments all the time about how easy and FUN our graphics are to use (It’s all Chart FX)

Fred Sherif - Desi Limited
First of all I must congratulate you for creating such an effective Chart program. I placed the order to you directly, received in two days and my first program was up and running 24 hours later. Great product!

Kyle Donnelly - GE
I thought I was going to have to spend weeks coding something like this. I installed the trial version and was up and running displaying Process Control Charts in under an hour. This product is fantastic!

Tom Mahoney - Ford Motors Co.
I think that you guys are great! Do you know how many tech supports that I can call into and just get someone that reads from a database and has no idea what is going on? ALL of them except yours! And then you change the way that your cab file works to help me out too! All I can say is that "THANK YOU VERY MUCH"

Douglas Elder - Boeing - Web Consultant
Thank you for your help in resolving my Chart FX 2000 Arrow Annotation problem. A product is only as good as the company behind it. I will continue to advocate the use of your products at Boeing, because of their quality and your excellent support.

Bill Seniw
Thanks for the help and the quick response... By the way (in case you haven't heard a thousand times already), you folks should be proud for a great line of useful products that make life a whole easier on this end of things. Keep up the good work...

Yusuf Mukadam - PT Indonesia Epson Industry - IT Consultant
We have successfully installed the Chart FX control. Thank you for the support provided by you. We look forward for the same kind of support in the near future.

Richard Shoop - The Precis Group, Inc. - Managing Director
Greetings to you and the others at SoftwareFX. Just a brief note to thank you for your assistance while we were developing our program GaugeBase. You may recall that we had some problems which were ultimately traced back to the BDE installation. Your telephone assistance in getting through them was "above and beyond" the call of duty. Aside from ChartFX being a outstanding tool, the customer support that you provided was the best I've ever received from any company. I shall unreservedly recommend this product to other developers.

Casey McKinnon - webHancer Corp.
After owning your SoftwareFX software since September, it has been a tremendous help, as well as a feature rich application to help me with the development of my company's software. I wish to take this opportunity to commend Juan on his EXCELLENT technical support and customer service. He is ALWAYS prompt in returning phone calls and e-mails to answer any and all of my questions. Newsgroup replies are typically within the HOUR!. I look forward to purchasing future versions of your software.

Kurt Saturnia - Aventis
I downloaded your product the other day for possible use on our corporate Intranet for a small system. IT IS GREAT!!!! We are very interested in the product, again, great job!!!

Terry Lipford
I am highly impressed with this ChartFX IE 2000, the samples and documentation are excellent!

Dave Boulton
Thanks again for an extremely quick response, if only all software vendors could be as supportive of their products.

Jason Roos
I just wanted to say thank you in writing. I was asked to find out what was taking so long... Technically this had nothing to do with ChartFX as you know, but you helped us through the problems anyway. That is certainly going the extra mile to help us out. It is very much appreciated. You are awesome!

Kevin Jurica - Syntex Management Systems, Inc. - Senior Consultant
I just purchased a copy of ChartFX 98 for my company and the first thing I did was check out the online support. I must say that it seems that Software FX has got configuration management nailed. As a user, I am impressed by the ease of navigation and the availability of information I need...

Vasily Roshin
Thank you for the perfect documentation and programs of the ChartFX 98. We were once again convinced, that ChartFX 98 is the leader on software engineering. Excellence for want of minimum hardware resources. The program is developed very qualitative, beautiful, works fast. During use there were no errors. A thank you to the developers of the software.

Meredith Johnson - JAYCOR
Well, today is my first day actually working with your product (cfx IE). Being rather new to the production of any kind of web page, I've had more than enough headaches trying to figure out IIS, NT Server... I just wanted you to know that I've had only one error message today, and I immediately found the answer on your support site. I appreciate the well-written BOOKS (important!) you provided with your product. Everything is well laid out, and I know immediately what chapters to read, and which ones to disregard, as they do not apply to me. After getting past that one error, the sample code worked great and now I am using data from our database... Thanks to your support site, I found the DataStyle property that I needed to change... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Mark Hays - - Senior VP, Product Dev and CTO
We've been very impressed by ChartFX, and we're building it into our new product release. The rich functionality you've provided in just ~500Kb, with cross browser compatibility, is simply outstanding.

Kenneth Nwabueze - SBASoft, Inc. - CTO
You are the man. I have been using your products since 1994 and have never been disappointed.

John Loeffler
Thanks! This is an awesome response time! 12 minutes WOW!!!!

Monte Kalisch - VantagePoint Network
I *love* ChartFX. I have evaluated SEVERAL other charting tools, and it is *by far* the best. I recommend it all the time to many other Web professionals around the country.

Alan James - Siemens
And thanks also for your prompt response.. if only all technical support could be like this!

Leslie Rattenborg - NetworkConcepts, Inc.
Thanks so much for your help. It's nice to work with a responsive Tech Support dept.

Division of Statistics - UNESCO
Just a quick word of thanks for the help that you have extended to us. It is most gratifying to come across people like you who take the time to respond in such a helpful manner, especially since you most probabley are inundated with all kinds of requests. Thank you once again.

Scott Ostrum
I really enjoy the products your company have come out with, and hope you continue to create more initiative products in the future that can be used by both Netscape, and IE. We are currently using ChartFX, and really enjoy the product.

Kenneth C. Barnett
Thanks for taking the time and the example ASP page. It is not often that I find a company that will do what you did to support their user base. I do appreciate it.

Monte Kalisch - VantagePoint Network
After evaluating several charting tools, we finally settled on ChartFX Internet Edition. It's a great ASP component that will generate a chart directly from a SQL query (or from user-specified parameters). Most other charting components I evaluated required specific indication of the items, values, colors, type of chart, etc. That was way too difficult for the many charts that we needed. ChartFX has the flexibility to be used with any web browser, serving up the appropriate kind of graphic the browser supports... Overall, we have found this tool to be *extremely* flexible and useful. And it doesn't require a master's degree (or three days time) in charting to generate a simple graph.

Jim Hoffman
Thanks for your fast and accurate reply... I've had to contact Software FX tech support twice before, and I have to say that you have some of the best support in the business.

Arnold Langefors - SWECO
You sure know how to run an impressive customer support!

Arnold Langefors - SWECO
I was already impressed by the product and now I must say that you run a support service that´s just as good!

Gerard Gallagher
Excellent!!! Very impressed with the product and your response time!!!!!

James Cordle
Thanks for all your help. I passed this information on to my lead and I am sure he will be purchasing the upgrade. We have a lot of time invested with ChartFX and a lot more to come. We are currently using it on two different projects with plans for expansion of these programs in the future.
You have a great product and excellent support. Keep up the good work!

Joe Serio - Delmarva Foundation
We are going to buy it. We looked at other similar products but your customer service and quick responses made me choose ChartFX.
The product is also easy to use which is a major selling point. I really liked the quick responses that your company gave me to my questions... that's what ultimately sold me the product. Keep up the good work.

Danqing Hu
Thanks for all your help. You are such a wonderful programmer! Sorry for troubling all the time. I just need to make that thing work. I"ll definately contact your tech support in the future. Your company is so lucky for having people like you. Again, Thanks for figuring out my problem.

Andy McNab - Pilkington Technology Management
Software FX helped us to overcome a potentially serious problem with our network setup and Microsoft's policy towards ActiveX controls, allowing our Web Application to reach the maximum possible audience within our Intranet. Thanks for your patience and excellent support SoftwareFX!

Last year we had a project that required significant development of a quality management software which required development of several different charts and graphs. We came to ComponentSource for the first time and found a choice from a wealth of components. We eventually selected this software for ease of use and extremely high level of functionality. Definitely a must when graphs and charts are needed by your application. We saved thousands of $$$ incorporating Chart FX functionality versus us developing a much lower level functionality. Customer is happier than happy!!

Rudy van Haandel - SurveyWorld.NET
ChartFX supplies the added value in the reporting module of SurveyWorld.NET, our online survey tool. It enables us to offer our real-time reporting in various graphs and styles.

John Chen - Columbia Gulf Transmission - Lead IT Analyst
I just want to take a moment to thank you and let you know your tech support rep. Mr. Rob Hendrix had provided service beyond my expectations. He helped us with the production problems that we have with the ChartFX Internet and Image Toppings. You have the best products and are backed by strong customer support.

Andrew Butel - Nexsys Development
I have found ChartFX to be a completely reliable and delightful component to use, which is capable of producing almost any report I can imagine with almost no effort! Thank you SoftwareFX.

Dan Scott - Intel
I also am impressed with this product, I have used MS Office objects for server side charting, and always found that a pain, ChartFX is a HUGE improvement. It is so easy to use and has reduced my development time significantly.

Ashwani Malhotra - Intelesoft Technologies
I must say that the charts produced by your control are fantastic... This control is damn flexible and much better than the conventional VB one.

Derek Clinton - Liberty Solutions Group
Thanks a lot, you're definetely the quickest support I've ever gotten through software companies.

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Software FX and Chart FX products win a total of 3 Bestselling Product/Publisher Awards in 2008 from ComponentSource.

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Chart FX received its sixth consecutive Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Award while Grid FX picked up its first.

SD Times 100 Award

SD Times 100

For the sixth consecutive year, Software FX's leadership and innovation have been recognized.

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Riding the Crest

For the seventh consecutive year, Chart FX wins Programmer's Paradise' Riding the Crest award.

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Bestselling Products and Publisher Awards

Software FX and Chart FX products win a total of 6 Bestselling Product/Publisher Awards in 2007 from ComponentSource.

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