Grid FX: Empowering your Rich Internet Applications.

New run-time features allow the end-user to unleash additional power without additional development.

The end-user experience is pivotal in a successful Web 2.0 application. We began this area of Grid FX by listing out everything we found odd in existing grids from a usability perspective and redesigning a grid component that gives decision makers a level of control over data that hasn't yet been available.



The Grid FX FloatingBar appears in an elegant and usable manner when the user hovers over an editable area. Properties are presented to allow the customization of aesthetic as well as functional aspects of the grid.

Data Editing

Data Editing

With Grid FX, end-users can easily insert, update and delete data using either in-place data editing or customizable modal dialog data editing. Either option allows for an intuitive method of end-user manipulation of data.

Grouping, Sorting and Filtering

Grouping, Sorting and Filtering

End-users need to be able to efficiently manipulate and digest data in order to make key business decisions. Grid FX allows these users to group, sort and filter their data in any way their needs dictate.

Interactive Thumbnails

Interactive Thumbnails

Grid FX can display image thumbnails and allow the end user to expand it to full size at runtime, by hovering or clicking. Similarly, charts can be shown as icons or thumbnails and can also expand to full size on demand.

Interactive Samples and Demos

Grid FX Online Demo

Award Winning Technology

Visual Studio Magazine's Reader's Choice Award

Reader's Choice Award

Grid FX received its first Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Award in the Grid Components category.

Grid FX Resources

Grid FX Sample

Enabling your Web 2.0 Enterprise. (PDF)

"The end user experience is pivotal in a successful Web 2.0 application. We began Grid FX by listing out everything we found odd in grids from a usability perspective. For us, AJAX was the starting point, not the end."

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